Why You Should Visit A Wax Museum

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If you've never been to a wax museum and you're researching some attractions in a city you'll soon be visiting, it's worthwhile to see if one of these museums is located in the area. You can find wax museums in many cities around the country, and they offer a unique experience that you can enjoy on your own, with some friends, or with your entire family. A single wax museum will often have dozens of lifelike statues of people made of wax. You'll see statues of celebrities, historical figures, athletes, politicians, and other people you recognize. Here are some reasons that visiting a wax museum should be on your to-do list.

Photo Ops

It's virtually impossible to visit a wax museum without taking a lot of photos. Unlike some museums, wax museums encourage visitors to snap all the shots they want, and you may find that you don't go very long without grabbing your phone to take a selfie or snap a group photo beside one of the statues. It can be fun to seek out statues of public figures you enjoy, whether it's an actor, an athlete, or a musician. A photo of you with one of these statues can be exciting to share on your social media account, where it will temporarily fool some people into thinking you're posing with the actual person.

Spooky Fun

Some wax museums have sections that offer a good amount of spooky fun, which can be a good addition to your museum visit. When you enter one of these areas, it will be decorated like a haunted house — complete with eerie music, flickering lights, and spooky decor. The space will be filled with wax statues of various horror movie villains, which can especially be exciting if you enjoy this movie genre. While you can always skip this part of the museum if you have very young kids, it can be worth exploring when you visit with adults.


While there's certainly a lot of value in visiting a museum that offers an educational experience for children, it can also be nice to occasionally seek out an attraction for your kids that is purely about fun, rather than learning. If you have some educational museum stops on your agenda during a family trip, think about adding a wax museum experience to your plans. Your kids will love the opportunity to walk around and take in the various sights without you constantly reminding them to read the information boards so that they learn something.

Do some research to learn about museums and other things to do in the city you are planning to visit.

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