Tips For Scheduling A Bike Tour For Your Upcoming Trip To Thailand

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A bike tour is the absolute best way to see the beautiful scenery of Thailand. As you periodically stop to rest, you will meet many interesting local residents and have many opportunities to sample the amazing local cuisine.

If you love to ride your bike but have never scheduled a bike tour in Thailand before, then these tips will help you.

Tip: Decide if You Want a Strenuous Mountain Ride or a Leisurely Flat Adventure

There are many different types of bike tours in Thailand, but most fall into one of two different categories: 

  1. a strenuous mountain ride with lots of elevation changes and challenging terrains
  2. a leisurely ride that is mostly flat and can be completed by anyone who is physically fit - including children

Before you start looking online at various tour offerings, first, take a moment to decide which of the two types of bicycle tours you want to take.

Tip: Think About Which Part of Thailand You Want to See

Once you know what type of bike tour you want to take, then you need to decide what portion of Thailand you want to visit. For example, perhaps you are interested in taking a tour of the mountains to the south, or you have always wanted to visit the bicycler's mecca of Chiang Mai to the north. After you know where you want to visit and the type of tour you want to take, then you can start looking for appropriate tour companies online. 

Tip: Look for a Tour Company with English Speaking Tour Guides

Part of what you are paying for when you take a bike tour is all of the interesting insider information the tour guides relay to you along the way. For this reason, it is important you can easily communicate in English with all of the guides participating in the tour. Communication is also important in case you have an emergency along the way.

Tip: Opt for a Tour Company that Utilizes a Support Vehicle

When you find a tour company offering a tour in the area you want to visit and inquire about their services, make sure you ask if they use a support vehicle. Bike tour companies in Thailand that use a support vehicle will trail you along your tour and provide necessary food, drinks, and will also carry your clothing and other luggage so that you don't have to wear a backpack while cycling.

For more information, contact a company that offers guided bicycle tours in Thailand.

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