3 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Might Need A Spanish Interpreter

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Are you the owner of a small business? Have you been thinking about expanding your business to take advantage of the Hispanic market? At its simplest, trying to attract Hispanic customers could simply mean that you hire one or more bilingual employees to be able to interact with your new customers when they arrive. However, this doesn't necessarily let anyone know that you're specifically offering bilingual services. You'll need to advertise and, for this, you'll want to have your advertisements interpreted professionally. While you could have one of your employees do this, there are a number of reasons why you should at least consider a professional interpreter. Some of the best reasons include:

Professional language: A person who speaks Spanish well enough to communicate with a customer about his or her needs isn't necessarily equipped to deal with the professional language that might be required for an advertisement. There is a big difference between being able to give someone the cost of their purchase or services and being able to write a satisfactory ad for your company. A professional Spanish interpreter will have experience with being able to translate your current English advertisements into Spanish. Because they do this for a living, they'll already know which words and phrases are and are not appropriate for the type of advertisement that you want.

Save money: It may seem less expensive to have your employee do the translating than to hire a Spanish interpreter to do the job, but this isn't necessarily true. Since your employee doesn't do translating on a professional basis, he or she could take a lot of time to complete the job. He or she may wind up spending a lot of time mulling over exactly which words to use in the advertisement. Even if they do the exact same quality of job as a professional Spanish interpreter, chances are good that you'll wind up paying them more for their efforts than if you'd simply hired the interpreter in the first place.

Fast turnaround: As already mentioned, it can take an amateur interpreter much longer to choose the correct words for a situation than it would take a professional to choose those same words. If you want to place an ad on Sunday, you might have to give the English copy to your employee on Monday or Tuesday in order to have it finalized by Friday. But with a professional Spanish interpreter, the turnaround time on a smaller project is often measured in hours instead of days; this means that you could potentially give them a job on Wednesday morning and get it back that afternoon or early Thursday morning, depending on the project.

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