Four Reasons To Book A Charter Bus For Your Next Workplace Event

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When planning your next workplace event, one of the details that you should take into consideration is how everyone is going to get to and from the event. Whether the event is for fun or business purposes, one option to ease your transportation quandary is to rent a charter bus. Check out a few reasons it makes sense to rent a charter bus for your next function.

1. A Charter Bus Makes It Easy for Everyone to Prepare for the Event

Today's charter buses are nothing like the charter buses of days past. Not only are they outfitted with comfortable seats and air conditioning, but many also offer additional equipment so that their business customers can work on work-related matters. Wi-Fi, an accessible sound system, and a projector screen are just a few options that your charter bus company may offer. The prime conditions makes it easy for your employees to polish their speeches or to check on last minute event details. 

2. You Know That Every Employee Will Have Safe Transportation After the Event

If alcohol will be served at the event, one problem to address is how the employees will get back to the hotel safely at the end of the night. A charter bus solves this issue by ensuring that every single employee has a designated driver. You don't need to worry about having to arrange last minute rides or about keeping workers from attempting to drive themselves back to the hotel. 

3. A Charter Bus Can Be More Cost Effective Than Other Options

Renting a charter bus, such as from Werner Coach, is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide transportation to your employees. Flying is an expensive mode of transportation, and it opens a whole new set of logistical issues. Employees can obviously drive themselves, but then you have to worry about reimbursing qualifying travel expenses, such as gasoline, rental car fees, or mileage payments. Booking a charter bus allows you to maintain better control over your event-related expenses.

4. Delays are Less of An Issue

When traveling via vehicle, an accident or adverse road conditions can easily add a delay to the trip. However, if your charter bus is delayed, the effects are less significant than if your employees' personal vehicles were delayed.

For example, assume that a traffic jam adds an hour to the trip. If each employee drivers a single vehicle, the employees still have to worry about finding parking at the function and the walking from the parking area to the event center. By renting a charter bus, you can easily absorb the added time. The charter bus will drop everyone off at a prime spot to access the event center. Then, once everyone is safely off the bus, the driver will tackle the hassle of finding parking.

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